I write plays about the things that happen to me that I don’t understand.



by Grace Grindell

directed by Carlos Murillo

Senior year, an unwritten future, and endless possibilities of success await Mazie. Her mother, Marigold, is her biggest cheerleader. When cancer takes over Mazie and Marigold’s life, they must find a way forward among a sea of new challenges. In this new play by Grace Grindell, Mazie struggles to build her future when the creator of her world may no longer be a part of it.

Production History

Full production at The Theatre School May 2019

Staged reading at The The Theatre School May 2018 directed by April Cleveland

The cast featured Gregory Fields (Grant), Matthew Martinez Hannon (Feener), Maricruz Menchero (Dr. Campbell/Anne), Michela Murray (Mazie Lancaster)Grainne Ortlieb (Laura), and Ashlea Woodley (Marigold Lancaster).

The production team included scenic design by Alyssa Mohn, costume design by Olive Earley, lighting design by Scott Tobin, sound design by Chris Comstock, technical direction by Brendan Hein, dramaturgy by Madie Doppelt, and stage management by Nicholas Nyquist.

Photos by Michael Brosilow

untitled friendship play.jpg


A play written collaboratively with Brenna Barborka

Will Brenna and Grace actually write their play? What DID happen at Scarlet last night? And how do these questions somehow describe their friendship? This play is the theatre version of this emoticon (: nothing more, nothing less.

Production History

Staged reading at The Theatre School in May 2019



Ingrid and thirteen-year-old son Bobby are swimming in a sea of grief and are forced to pack up and move after the death of husband and father, Kevin. As Ingrid sifts through old photos, her past comes bubbling to the present, reliving moments of loss, challenge, and love from her childhood. Ingrid struggles to understand how to be both a parent and a child.

Production History

Reading at Wrights of Spring Festival at The Theatre School in May 2017