I believe in dramaturgy as the vocabulary of collaboration. As a dramaturg, I ask questions to unearth all that a play is.


by Aeschylus - adapted by Robert Icke - directed by April Cleveland - The Theatre School at DePaul University

Photos by Michael Brosilow

In an epic evening, follow the story of the House of Atreus—the world’s most powerful political family—through the eyes of Orestes, son of Klytemnestra and Agamemnon. Join us for the U.S. premiere of Robert Icke’s Olivier Award-winning adaptation of The Oresteia trilogy, a tale of vengeance, justice, family, and the inextricable link between violence abroad and violence at home.

The cast featured Tiff Abreu (Electra), Adam Todd Crawford (Young Orestes), Gabby Gillespie (Cilissa/Fury), Carolyn Hu-Bradbury (Cassandra/Athene), Derek Jepsen (Menelaus), Jasper Johnson (Talthybius), Jayson Lee (Calchas)Vero Maynez (Iphigenia), Amanda Pulcini (Klytemnestra), Katie Travers (Doctor)Matthew Wade (Agamemnon), and Garrett Young (Orestes). The production team included scenic design by Jack Hagen, costume design by Madeleine Byrne, lighting design by Andrei Borges, sound design by Sarah Parker, technical direction by Tessa Keller, dramaturgy by Grace Grindell, and stage management by Danny Fenderand Liv Hancock.


by Anton Chekhov - directed by Jacob Janssen - The Theatre School at DePaul University - April 2018

photos by Michael Brosilow

The Prozorov sisters dream of returning to Moscow, but are unable to wake to their provincial reality. Each sister questions her own place in the world after the arrival of members of the Russian military. Olga, Masha, Irina, and their brother Andrey search for meaning in Chekhov’s tragicomic masterpiece about broken dreams, inertia, and missed opportunities.

The cast featured Teddy Boone (Andre Prozorov)Cullen Clancy (2nd Lt. Vladimir Rose/Ferapont)Edward Hall (Fyodor Kulygin), Matthew Hannon (Lt. Colonel Alexander Vershinin)Derek Jepsen (2nd Lt. Alexi Fedotik), Thalis Karatsolis-Chanikian (Dr. Ivan Chebutikin)Charlotte Markle (Anfisa)Grainne Ortlieb (Masha Prozorov)Cameron Roberts (Baron Nikolai Tuzenbach), Madeleine Stark (Natasha)Kiah Stern (Irina Prozorov),Katie Travers (Olga Prozorov), and Garrett Young (Staff Captain Vassily Solyony). The production team included scenic design by Torrey Meyer, costume design by Olive Earley, lighting design by Christine Binder, sound design by Kendall Barron, technical direction by Frankie Charles, dramaturgy by Grace Grindell, and stage management by Nicholas Nyquist.


by Edward Albee - directed by Jeremy Aluma - The Theatre School at DePaul University - May 2017

Two strangers meet at a park bench on a sunny, summer afternoon in Central Park, New York. Peter makes $200K a year. Jerry lives in a boarding house with only beaverboard separating his bedroom from his neighbors. They discuss their lives, dreams, and what they stand for in a constant tug-of-war. But, what Peter doesn’t know is that Jerry has been looking for a man like him – a man who creates a social chasm so wide between them, they’re both bound to fall in.